Our Brand
Our Brand  Liquid-Through – it is entirely free from worried if beverage comes into your body through our straw.

It is a rigid and powerful straw you are using in brand of I-DA

You must have ever had the excellent experience for you as:
● the fine hair erected when sipping cool beverage under the hot-hot weather, and
● the warm wavelet carried forward around your body if hot pearl milk-tea swallowed through your throat

The unique comfortable feeling you were.

Generally, contributing for your good feeling is mainly from beverage, but also the assistant instruments as straw, cup gave its utility already.

The channel – STRAW manufacturer we are, we do not dare to say a leading role in beverage business, but we are the convenient and healthy bridge between you, you body and beverage.

We known, Lady or Gentleman is always take advantage of straw for your life especially provided from I-DA